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Privacy Policy

Moving Forward Clinical Psychologists adhere to the National Privacy Principles for Health Providers.

Information collected

We collect information in order to provide effective therapy. For instance: contact details, psychological symptoms, history, contributing factors and results of psychological tests. As part of our code of ethics, we are required to keep adequate records for at least 7 years.


Any personal information gathered during the course of your therapy will remain strictly confidential. Without your consent, your information will not be discussed with any third party including partners, family members, GPs or other health professionals. Exceptions to confidentiality include: if your file is supoened by a court of law; if we have concerns relating to child protection issues; or if we have reason to believe that you, or someone else, may be at risk of harm.  Wherever possible, any concerns of this nature would be discussed with you first.

Please note that mental health care plan referrals form part of a 'shared care' model, which means your psychologist and referring GP are required to communicate with each other regarding your therapy. You are welcome to view any correspondence about you, and your signed consent is sought prior to the Psychologist communicating with your referring GP.

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